Provides a strong leadership for  the company by working with the Top Executive Team by Establishing goals, plans and strategies for the company . Presides over the entire Workforce, Oversees the Budgets and Ensure resources are allocated properly.

Vice President  Global Sales 

Heads the Global Sales at IPEG , Tie ups with outside organizations to get business

Vice President  Global Marketing 

Heads the Global Marketing & Social Media at IPEG  

Vice  President Finance 

Head of Finance at  IPEG. Manages the overall functioning of the

company & Tie ups with financial Institutions 

Vice President HR 

Head of HR at IPEG , Manages the  Tie ups with corporate  ,Handles Payroll & Internal and External Recruitment for the Company

Vice President Compliance & Control

Heads the Compliance & Control at IPEG , he is the Central Hub for Key Business Analysis

Vice President Global Operations

Head of Operations at IPEG ,Helps in Formulating Policies and daily Operations