International Internship!

IPEG helps you explore International Internship opportunities, to get you to acquire work experience outside your Country. The work is usually with a company, government or the non-government entity, a research group or institute or some other organization allowing hands-on experience to students in their field of study.

Summer Internship!

IPEG, we help you explore Summer internships where you get to acquire work experience offered by the organization for a limited period of time especially during Summers.

Summer internships are very useful as it gives students an exposure to the corporate world which will benefit them in the future.

Students looking to gain relevant skills and experience apply or get in touch with the IPEG Team for your Internships today!

Winter Internship!

At IPEG, we provide final year students summer internship which eventually ends in a PPO

(Pre-Placement Offer) for the students who are really good at their work.